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When I sat down at my computer in 2011 to write my first ever blog post, I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. From memory, I think I wrote about going to Boots with my mum and picking up some Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash (those were the days!), and was genuinely shocked when people commented and replied to my ramblings.

I have no shame in admitting I had very few friends in secondary school, I was extremely quiet and anxious, and I really don’t blame people for giving up trying to get me to open up. I turned to the internet in my time of need, and the blogging community welcomed me with open arms.

Weekly posts turned to almost daily, I was living for the Twitter chats, and I even co-hosted two meet ups with my now best pal Charlotte. So with that, I have decided to bash out this post, giving a wee shout-out to three absolutely brilliant ladies and their equally gorgeous blogs.

Simply Lottie

Charlotte and I go way back, we have been real life besties for probably coming up to 5 years after meeting on Twitter, through our little blogs! Charlotte is one of the funniest, kindest people I’ve ever met, and her beauty & lifestyle blog is an absolute gem. Her recent post on Instagram for blogging is frank, honest and just has you going ‘yasssss’ in your head over and over.
I absolutely adore reading through Charlotte’s posts, whether she’s at blogger meet ups, fashion weeks, or unboxing a load of new beauty products, her blog is full of gorgeous photographs and is such easy reading; you’ll find yourself scrolling through years of prettiness!

Those Stars That Shine

So Sarah and I also met through Twitter (the place to be!). In 2014 when I was desperate to move back to Glasgow, Sarah and I started chatting almost daily, which turned into ‘lets move in together and have the most Pinterest flat EVER!’. When I actually did move up to Glasgow and were at the same university we became even closer. We can’t go a single day without tagging each other in ridiculous memes or lusting after clothes we certainly do not need.
Sarah is totally ON IT when it comes to beauty, any new releases, discounts, trending products; you can always count on her to be fully clued up and full of advice.


Lastly, but by absolutely no means least; my gal Catriona. By some ridiculous twist of fate I didn’t get to meet Catriona until 2015 when I started at university. We instantly got on like a house on fire, and her incredible sense of humour still gives me strength daily from 450 miles away! Catriona is the first person I’ve known in real life, and then come to learn that she has a blog. She is a wonderful person, and it shines through in her writing. Her most recent post is a brutally honest review of her changing attitudes towards food, while her other posts focus on self-care and learning to be confident. Catriona’s blog is such a feel-good, inspiring corner of the internet, and follows her journey through life, while encouraging and re-assuring her readers.


Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you go on to enjoy all of these lovely ladies’ content!

Love Aileen x


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