An Open Letter to Sarah Ashcroft : ‘There’s no space for any more bloggers’


When I first stumbled upon your recent Cosmopolitan interview (which you can read in full here) I could not believe the utter garbage I was reading. I don’t even know which bit pissed me off more; that you somehow think you invented blogging and that everyone else is just copying you, or that you don’t think there’s ‘enough space for any more bloggers’ – WHAT THE HELL GIRL?

Blogging is a hobby, how can you possibly say that there’s no more space… on the internet… which is pretty much infinite. Maybe I’ve missed the pop-up on WordPress telling me new bloggers aren’t allowed as you have deemed that there’s no more room at the inn. Blogging is an escape and a passion for so many people, its a resource for those seeking advice, inspiration, and for a few its a career; but I assure you that is not the motivation of ‘every blogger’ out there.

I started my first blog at 15, because I wanted desperately to be a writer; NOT BECAUSE I WANTED FREE STUFF. Fast forward on 6 years, my blog may not be massive but I’m damn proud of the space I have now. I’ve built it, I taught myself basic HTML, I learnt about SEO, I spent hours brushing up my photography… For the love of it, not for financial gain.

You also say in your interview that when you first started out you bought ‘high street clothes’ and had your family take pictures of your outfits in the garden. Sorry hen, but we can’t all afford a professional photographer or to splash out on designer outfits every week. To be honest, this is definitely the part that pissed me off the most, because THIS IS WHAT BLOGGING IS, at its core.

Some bloggers nowadays have turned the industry into a competition of who can spend the most, who can wear the most extravagant outfits, have the most Chanel bags, etc. And you are contributing to that, Sarah, sorry not sorry. Blogging is simply sharing what inspires you with the world. Reading your scathing comments about high street clothes made me feel a bit deflated; you admit yourself you used to buy them and now you talk as if you’re looking down on all us River Island-clad fashionistas from your high horse, at the top of Bullshit Island.

I guess the point of this letter, the moral of this little story, is don’t forget those who helped you on your way up. The blogging community built you up and supported you, and now you come out with this utter tripe… Seriously? This entire interview shits all over the dreams and aspirations of new bloggers, and generally makes for a very uncomfortable read. To me, you sound very insecure so I sincerely hope you overcome that one day and learn that there’s enough success and opportunity to go around.

Maybe change your Instagram bio from ‘Influencer’ to ‘Demoraliser’ – Ta.


Aileen x



  1. Laura
    May 30, 2017 / 7:53 pm

    Great read 👍🏻

    I’m a blogger myself and love it as it’s my passion too! I felt completely deflated when I read her interview. I’ve followed her from when she had 20’000 followers and no boobs. She was so down to earth and sweet.

    I’ve notice a real change in her attitude just lately and her photos have a certain porn element at times! How people change when money is thrown at them hey..?

  2. May 30, 2017 / 8:28 pm

    god that interview made me just hate her haha… i know thats a strong word but the blogging world does not need anymore people like her!

    love this letter… lets hope she read it… or perhaps shes too dam cool to read it ey 😉

    love and peace babe x

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