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You all know I recently moved to Winchester to complete my university studies, and have wasted no time in footering about the city centre. With my local expert best pal Phoebe, I’ve been out exploring what Winchester has to offer, in food, drinks, fashion, and general sights!

I’m starting the series, When In Winch, to document some of my wee adventures round this pretty wee city, and hopefully inspire some of you to pay it a visit, or at least ooh and ahh over some of the most Pinterest-worthy meals ever created.

Kicking off the series, I have to start with Josie’s, a cosy but sophisticated cafe in the heart of the city. Everything about the place just oozes cool, from the sleek decor to the beautifully presented coffees and mouth watering menus.

The ultimate brunch destination, Josie’s was top of my list as soon as I heard about it. Once inside, I poured over the menu for the best part of 15 minutes, deliberating over several varieties of pancakes and breakfast muffins. I finally settled on an eggs benedict and fried chicken breakfast muffin, with a delicious mocha on the side to satisfy my coffee addiction.

I feel like the pictures pretty much say it all. The food was absolutely fantastic, the portions were huge, and I have to admit I did end up taking home almost half the portion for my dinner!

I’m determined to make these two years at university a time when I learn so much more than just my course syllabus; I just want to fill my brain and get better at life-ing (its a word, okay?). One thing I’m really keen to learn about is coffee. I am an absolute sucker for a well made cup of coffee, and I think to improve my knowledge, I ought to consume as many gorgeously presented cups of coffee as I can, right?

Our whole afternoon at Josie’s made my heart so happy. We had a good girly giggle over some absolutely top nosh, what’s not to love?


Until next time!

Aileen x



  1. Hello Bexa
    November 10, 2017 / 7:45 am

    I don’t live very far from Winch ☺️. I’ve never been to Josie’s but your photos make it looks absolutely delicious 💕 I’m going to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation 😘 xx

    • aileenetc
      November 20, 2017 / 6:26 pm

      Definitely pay it a visit when you’re in the city! I’m already planning on going back and ordering everything on the menu haha! xx

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