How To Stop Procrastinating & Get S*** Done!

My extensive collection of notebooks, planners, and little post it notes stuck to everything may give the illusion that I’m 100% organised all the time, but don’t be fooled! It is so incredibly easy to slip up and suddenly everything’s piling on top of you. Its almost as if the more stuff you have to do, the more difficult it becomes to do anything! If you’re anything like me you’ll spend hours worrying about your endless To Do list, whilst accomplishing absolutely nothing.

If you’re at university, the end of the semester is right around the corner and the pressure is on for all those pre-Christmas deadlines! This time of year is extremely stressful for all of us, whether you’re a student, a parent, working, or juggling more than 1! I hope that this post can provide you with some tips and motivation to conquer your To Do’s and be on your A-game!

First things first… Stop. Wait a minute. 

FILL MA CUP PUT SOME LIQUOR IN IT. Haha, no seriously, grab yourself a cuppa, a notebook and a pen and sit down. Write down absolutely everything you have to do, in order of importance. For items with deadlines, put the nearest deadlines at the top.

Don’t feel overwhelmed looking over this list; this is not your itinerary for the day!

Next, highlight or circle only the items that absolutely have to be done today.

Do not worry about anything else on the list, focus your energy only on the items you’ve highlighted. Take them one at a time, or break them down into smaller tasks, for example:

Your most pressing To Do is to write an essay you’ve left to the last minute, okay, break it down into Introduction, Theory, Methodology, Analysis, Conclusion, etc, or whatever categories fit your work!

Challenge yourself to complete one section in a set amount of time, then move on to the next, ticking them off as you go.

A Cluttered Work Space Makes For A Cluttered Mind

If you’ve been stressing over tasks, then no doubt your work space is beginning to look like an explosion of clutter, and that’s okay, it happens! To get back to your most productive self, however, it’ll help so much to start with a clean space.

YouTube is my destination of choice for desk inspiration, and when my desk is looking all pretty and Instagram-worthy, I feel so motivated and inspired to get on with my assignments!

If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail

Invest in a planner, or if like me, you’re a bit forgetful, make use of your phone / computer calendars. Sync your phone calendar up with the one on your computer to you can easily add events and deadlines wherever you are!

I have both a written and digital planner, which may be slightly excessive, but I’m getting so much better at planning for deadlines.

One huge advantage of a digital calendar is reminders. Being reminded a week before your deadline, then prodded again a couple of days before, will definitely help to make sure you’ve got everything in order!

Take Time To Relax

That may sound like the WORST idea when you’re inundated with things to do, but just hear me out…

If you’re running around like a headless chicken, getting anxious and not accomplishing anything, it is not going to do you any harm to just take an hour for the sake of your sanity to just chill out.

Set a timer on your phone to go back to your list, with a relaxed, clear mind. But until then, sit down, think rationally and take a bit of time to do something that brings you joy; watch a YouTube video, draw something, sit in the garden, whatever!

Don’t Be Afraid To Cancel 

Maybe you’re procrastinating because you know you’ve got so much to do, but you promised your friend you’d meet for coffee, and now you’re struggling to fit everything into your day because of it?

I think a lot of the time we are so afraid to cancel plans because you’ll feel like you’ve let someone else down, but if your friend is a good friend at all, they will completely understand how you’re feeling if you just explain!

I said to a friend I’d go shopping with her, meaning I’d lose most of the day when I needed to do work, and I ended up cancelling the day before. She actually made a load of helpful suggestions for some things that were worrying me!


I hope that you can take something away from this post to help you smash your goals this month!


Aileen x




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