What I Got For Christmas 2017

To say I was utterly spoilt this Christmas would be an understatement. Christmas 2017 was fabulous in every sense of the word, surrounded by family and loved ones. However, not all could attend, and unfortunately this was the first Christmas in many years that my wee Granny has been too ill to travel down from Glasgow for. This year I’m resolving to save some pennies and get up to Glasgow more to see my lovely extended family.

Every year my Mother warns my sister and I that we shouldn’t expect a bunch of presents, and that she’s ‘cutting back’ on Christmas, and every year I’m completely overwhelmed by her and my Dad’s generosity (and how well they know my style!).

When asked for suggestions for Christmas gifts, I noted that all my perfumes were starting to run out simultaneously, with my all-time favourite, Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse, completely empty! I received so many perfumes for Christmas I began to wonder if maybe I smell haha!

My parents gave me the beautifully packaged Viktor & Rolf Bonbon, which is a new scent for me, and I can confirm it’s already one of my favourites! My sister also gave me perfume, in the form of Calvin Klein’s Sheer Beauty, another new fragrance for my collection! This scent is very sophisticated and I feel extremely cool whilst wearing it.

My lovely boyfriend reunited me with my fragrance love, with this huuuge bottle of Modern Muse! I certainly won’t be running out of this beauty any time soon! Matt absolutely showered me with beautiful gifts and love this holiday season, and I am feeling like a very lucky lady.

Also from my lovely boyfriend; Pusheen tupperwares! These are part of a set of four adorable wee tubs, but two are permanently on rotation in my packed lunches now, so were unavailable for this wee photoshoot! I love anything with Pusheen on, as anyone who knows me may have gathered. I have Pusheen pyjamas, a calendar and plush (also from Matt!), a mug, wrapping paper, you name it!

My parents also got me a gorgeous set of Clinique skincare products, helping me fulfil my resolution to take better care of my skin and overall health. The products pictured are only a small selection from the ten or so I received within the beautiful pink package.

I’m also resolving to become a bit of a domestic goddess, improving my cooking skills and learning the art of making gorgeous cocktails. So Matt’s family also seemingly read my mind in picking out Gordon’s pink gin for me this Christmas! I adore a wee bit of gin and gin cocktails are my absolute favourites! I’ve got my eye on a few pretty cocktail shakers and am ready to get stuck in.


Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write me a card, or even buy me a gift this Christmas; I am so grateful for your generosity.

Hope that all my lovely readers had a fabulous holiday season and are all fired up to smash their goals in 2018!


Aileen x


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  1. thosestarsthatshine
    January 10, 2018 / 12:06 am

    I’m so glad you had a good christmas babe (also super excited to hear your planning to come up to Glasgow!!!!)



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