February Goals

It’s six days into February, the shortest month of all, and I have only just devised my goals for the month. What am I like eh? Well, I would apologise for my pure scatterbrain-ness(?) but I’ve been all gross and ill over the weekend, but still managed to have a fabulous weekend with my favourite person anyway (aww). This weekend I took some time to just relax and enjoy things. I’d been sitting hunched over a desk in the university library until 9pm each night last week, and so a weekend of just pure joy was well overdue.

Anyway, I’ll quit rambling and get on with the post! January seemed to drone on forever, and whilst I used last month to really shake up my routines, become more focused, more motivated; February is the month where I truly step up my game.

1. Hand in an Essay Before the Due Date. 

I have an essay due next week, and I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made on it, and feel like it is shaping up to truly be a reflection of my best work.

However, I have one of the worst habits: I’ll panic and stress and re-read my essay over and over until I absolutely hate it, and submit it with a couple of hours to spare, feeling deflated and unimpressed with my submission.

This time around, I want to be relaxed, get it uploaded the day before (at least!) and let myself move on to the next project, without being a write off for a week while I cry about it!

2. Read 3 Books

I’ve seen people setting themselves huge, impressive goals of reading 50 books in the year. If you can do it; amazing! I aspire to be you.

I’m just getting back into reading, and with my constant worrying about every other area of my life, I find it extremely difficult to settle down enough to get stuck into a good book. This is something I want to overcome ASAP (Rocky- NO STOP IT AILEEN).

So far this year I’ve invested in about six books; all non-fiction and mainly focusing on branding, marketing, but a few on literature too! I want to expand my knowledge and let my passions consume me through reading.

3. Attend a Bloggers’ Event in London

Okay, so I have been invited to a bloggers’ event this month. I am going with one of my best bloggy pals. And I am absolutely terrified of London.

Last year I made it up to London for the amazingly fabulous (still in awe!) KISS Beauty X Pixie Lott Launch courtesy of the lovely ladies at Alex Silver PR! (Click the link to my previous post where I totally drool over how gorgeous this whole day was!)

However, London has always just totally overwhelmed me. I have no idea where anything in London is, and looking at a map and seeing just how sprawling it is scares the life out of me. While you won’t be seeing Aileen Takes London on your TV Guide any time soon, I want to overcome my worries and enjoy the day without having any tube-related breakdowns.

4. Take Outfit Photos 

While a part of 90% of bloggers’ daily grind; outfit photos for me are pretty stressful. I’ve never been too confident in how I, or my body looks, and its kinda held me back in terms of my fashion blogging.

I would definitely say I’m more a clothes gal than a make up gal, but I’ve been too scared to show my outfit creations before, and I hope I can smash this goal and take my blog in a slightly new direction this year!



Thank you so much for reading! As always, I’d love to hear your comments or any feedback you have; have you set any goals for this month?

Until next time!

Aileen x


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