It’s six days into February, the shortest month of all, and I have only just devised my goals for the month. What am I like eh? Well, I would apologise for my pure scatterbrain-ness(?) but I’ve been all gross and ill over the weekend, but still managed to have a fabulous weekend with my favourite person anyway (aww). This weekend I took some time to just relax and enjoy things. I’d been sitting hunched over a desk in the university library until 9pm each night last week, and so a weekend of just pure joy was well overdue.

Anyway, I’ll quit rambling and get on with the post! January seemed to drone on forever, and whilst I used last month to really shake up my routines, become more focused, more motivated; February is the month where I truly step up my game.

1. Hand in an Essay Before the Due Date. 

I have an essay due next week, and I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made on it, and feel like it is shaping up to truly be a reflection of my best work.

However, I have one of the worst habits: I’ll panic and stress and re-read my essay over and over until I absolutely hate it, and submit it with a couple of hours to spare, feeling deflated and unimpressed with my submission.

This time around, I want to be relaxed, get it uploaded the day before (at least!) and let myself move on to the next project, without being a write off for a week while I cry about it!

2. Read 3 Books

I’ve seen people setting themselves huge, impressive goals of reading 50 books in the year. If you can do it; amazing! I aspire to be you.

I’m just getting back into reading, and with my constant worrying about every other area of my life, I find it extremely difficult to settle down enough to get stuck into a good book. This is something I want to overcome ASAP (Rocky- NO STOP IT AILEEN).

So far this year I’ve invested in about six books; all non-fiction and mainly focusing on branding, marketing, but a few on literature too! I want to expand my knowledge and let my passions consume me through reading.

3. Attend a Bloggers’ Event in London

Okay, so I have been invited to a bloggers’ event this month. I am going with one of my best bloggy pals. And I am absolutely terrified of London.

Last year I made it up to London for the amazingly fabulous (still in awe!) KISS Beauty X Pixie Lott Launch courtesy of the lovely ladies at Alex Silver PR! (Click the link to my previous post where I totally drool over how gorgeous this whole day was!)

However, London has always just totally overwhelmed me. I have no idea where anything in London is, and looking at a map and seeing just how sprawling it is scares the life out of me. While you won’t be seeing Aileen Takes London on your TV Guide any time soon, I want to overcome my worries and enjoy the day without having any tube-related breakdowns.

4. Take Outfit Photos 

While a part of 90% of bloggers’ daily grind; outfit photos for me are pretty stressful. I’ve never been too confident in how I, or my body looks, and its kinda held me back in terms of my fashion blogging.

I would definitely say I’m more a clothes gal than a make up gal, but I’ve been too scared to show my outfit creations before, and I hope I can smash this goal and take my blog in a slightly new direction this year!



Thank you so much for reading! As always, I’d love to hear your comments or any feedback you have; have you set any goals for this month?

Until next time!

Aileen x


In what is possibly the prettiest gift box and packaging I have ever seen, arrived some equally as beautiful goodies to match! Today’s post is in collaboration with the lovely people at Sudio Sweden, who have been kind enough to gift me their gorgeous Regent over-ear wireless headphones*, to share with you all in this review! These headphones are available to view on the Sudio website here.

Apart from the incredible sound quality, I really feel like the headphones’ design makes them destined to be a blogger’s best friend; you’ll know why as soon as you see them!

Available in black & white, the Regent design perfectly captures minimalistic style, with sleek gold detailing we as bloggers covet. The headphones have a really luxury feel to them, and I automatically feel 10x cooler when I head out the door with these on. I couldn’t live without my headphones, so why shouldn’t they represent my style and become an accessory in themselves?

Sudio also offer maximum flexibility when it comes to your listening. The wireless Bluetooth feature is one I haven’t tried before in headphones, and I cannot explain how freeing it is! Hear me out; dancing round your room tidying, without constantly ripping the headphone chord out your phone, or having to annoy your housemates with The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat for 6 hours…. Yeah, it’s pretty fabulous!

With Bluetooth you can connect the headphones up to your computer or phone and listen away for 24 hours without needing to re-charge them! But if charging’s not an option, you can always revert back to using the cable until you’re able to access a socket.

Do your eyes deceive you? Nope! The caps did change just there! Remember I said earlier these were perfect for bloggers? Sudio offer interchangeable ear caps for the Regent style, with this gorgeous marble undoubtedly being the blogger’s fave! I absolutely love that these headphones are fully customisable, and really can become an integral part of your outfit. You can change up the caps to match your style, outfit of the day, or just whatever you’re feeling!

I’ve been bopping around wearing these for a wee while now and they’ve certainly garnered a lot of compliments, plus the minimalist in me absolutely adores the sight of these styled on my desk, ready for the next Greatest Showman / studying session!

The team at Sudio have very kindly given me a discount code to share with you all! Using the code AILEENMCCOLL15 you can get 15% off your very own pair of Sudio headphones, with the code available site-wide!


Thank you so much for reading, and thank you again to the team at Sudio for working with me on this post! This is a product I’ve absolutely fallen head over heels with, and hope my readers will too!

Aileen x


January seems to have dragged on for about three months now. New habits have been put into place, organisation tips and bullet planning posts are rife, and we’re all feeling on top of our game; ultimate girl boss mode activated. I for one have certainly overdone it with the organising, and feel like I’ve definitely earned the weekend just gone where I just relaxed, put my feet up, and spent hours in front of my favourite shows!

Today’s post is in collaboration with Panasonic HDR TV who are providing the ultimate viewing experience through new HDR Premium technology; meaning programmes and films shot in High Dynamic Range appear with a much wider brightness range and colour space, that weren’t previously possible to capture. With Netflix nights about to get a whole lot better (providing Netflix don’t remove Gossip Girl! *sobs*) I started thinking about shows that are truly important to me, have altered my thinking, or have changed my life in some way.

Before I get stuck in; I’m aware there are some extremely mixed opinions on two out of the three of my picks here, but I hope that you enjoy them anyway and find my recommendations helpful!

13 Reasons Why

Although 13 Reasons Why has without a doubt caused controversy over its content, in particular *that scene*, it addresses some extremely important issues, and has provoked a wider discussion on mental health, sexual assault.

The way 13 Reasons Why addressed Hannah’s depressed really resonated with me. On the surface, to those having never experienced mental health struggles, a few of her problems may appear trivial. However, as the tapes keep rolling you see that each piece of the puzzle joins together to form a huge picture in the form of a dark cloud over Hannah.

Of course, some of the events she experiences are highly traumatic and do warrant trigger warnings at the beginning of episodes, however don’t you think an important moral that can be learnt from this show also lies in the smaller things? It encourages you to think about the way you treat people. As we see, you rarely truly understand what someone else is going through, and everyone is fighting their own battle.

The final scene, where Clay reaches out to Skye after witnessing her own mental health battle, shows how a little bit of kindness can go a long way. The two friends had long since lost touch, growing apart as they venture through high school. We all have friends like this, don’t we? Clay swallows his pride and attempts to rebuild the friendship.

Having suffered with depression myself, the show helped me to acknowledge that I’m not ‘overreacting’ to what may be considered ‘small stuff’. In a battle with mental health, the so-called small stuff can often be the tip of the iceberg.


The second show likely to cause some controversy! I know a lot of people felt that the show didn’t measure up to Sophia Amoruso’s incredible book, with her character in the show coming off as unlikable and just plain rude in the early episodes. As the show goes on I fell absolutely in love with Britt Robertson’s portrayal of Sophia, after admittedly not liking her much myself for the first two episodes.

Girlboss is an extremely witty show that’ll make you laugh out loud and also grab the tissues towards the end (no spoilers here!). Watching it just made me feel inspired and raring to go, determined to succeed and achieve everything I want in life.

The show doesn’t shy away from showing Sophia’s failures and struggles in her pursuit to launch Nasty Gal; it’s inevitable in business, as readers of the Girlboss book will know. The show doesn’t seek to sugarcoat Sophia’s journey, as she encounters critics, doubters, and makes a few enemies along the way in her search for success!

Gossip Girl 

Lets finish off with a pretty much universally loved series, with a whole six seasons ready and waiting for you to binge on! I joined the Gossip Girl party far too late, but since discovering it have watched the entire six seasons about 12 times.

Gossip Girl on the surface is pretty superficial, but it does carry some excellent lessons and morals tucked away in the super glamorous Upper East Side sparkles. Despite the glitz and glamour, the characters are all very relatable, and encounter very real problems and relationship struggles. Gossip Girl addresses cheating, lying, relationship boredom, going from friends to lovers, and lovers to friends, and much more. Friendship dynamics are also constantly changing, and we see friendship groups thin out towards the end of the show; something most 20-somethings can relate to. As you grow up you might drift apart from a lot of your school friends, but the people who are left have got your back 100%.

Another thing Gossip Girl is fantastic at showing (and why I wish I’d known about Gossip Girl when I was at school!) – is that working hard is cool, and so so worth it. When I was at school, if you tried hard you were branded a nerd, and picked apart relentlessly; pathetic, right? Well, throughout Gossip Girl Blair barely slacks off for a minute, and is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to build her dream life and achieve her goals.


Thank you so much for reading today’s post, and please let me know your recommendations in the comments below! Has a TV show changed your life? I’d love to hear about it!

Aileen x


2018 has barely kicked off, but we all collectively seem determined to make this the year that we get our lives together, we learn more, we try more, we do more. 2018 is the year we manage our time more effectively, we branch out of our comfort zones, we try new things and allow ourselves to grow.

Starting small, I declared in the early days of January that 2018 would be the year I branch out in terms of my beauty routines. Instead of reaching for the same products, the same fragrances, repurchasing items just because they do the job rather than because I absolutely adore them; this year I am determined to try new things and discover more hidden gems within beauty to share with you all.

A nifty, and extremely convenient, way of doing this, is Secret Scent Box*, who have ever so kindly sent me one of their gorgeous fragrance subscription boxes to share with you all! The box offers 30 day’s worth of samples of each of the three designer fragrances included, and is a fantastic way to try-before-you-buy, and discover your new fragrance loves.

I do somewhat tend to think that the notion of a ‘signature scent’ is over. The fragrance market is so full of gorgeous scents, with emerging fragrance creators, and even your favourite shops, jumping on the bandwagon to offer beautiful scents. As an utterly shameless perfume creator, for me there’s nothing better than nabbing a new bottle to bulk up my (already pretty packed) perfume shelf.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also tucked away inside this cute little box, are note cards for each fragrance, detailing the brand’s ideas for the scent, along with the key notes in each fragrance. I really appreciate this little touch from Secret Scent Box, and know that if you, like me, is a total nerd looking to learn little snippets all the time; you’ll love this subscription.

Ranging between £13 – £15 depending on the subscription plan you choose, and with boxes for men, women, or as a surprise gift for someone you love (or just a me-to-me treat, I won’t tell!) Secret Scent box have really managed to offer something for everyone to enjoy.

The lovely team have been kind enough to offer my readers a 15% discount when you sign up to receive a box! Simply enter the code AILEENMCCOLL15 at the checkout and go treat yo’self!



Until next time!

Aileen x


To say I was utterly spoilt this Christmas would be an understatement. Christmas 2017 was fabulous in every sense of the word, surrounded by family and loved ones. However, not all could attend, and unfortunately this was the first Christmas in many years that my wee Granny has been too ill to travel down from Glasgow for. This year I’m resolving to save some pennies and get up to Glasgow more to see my lovely extended family.

Every year my Mother warns my sister and I that we shouldn’t expect a bunch of presents, and that she’s ‘cutting back’ on Christmas, and every year I’m completely overwhelmed by her and my Dad’s generosity (and how well they know my style!).

When asked for suggestions for Christmas gifts, I noted that all my perfumes were starting to run out simultaneously, with my all-time favourite, Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse, completely empty! I received so many perfumes for Christmas I began to wonder if maybe I smell haha!

My parents gave me the beautifully packaged Viktor & Rolf Bonbon, which is a new scent for me, and I can confirm it’s already one of my favourites! My sister also gave me perfume, in the form of Calvin Klein’s Sheer Beauty, another new fragrance for my collection! This scent is very sophisticated and I feel extremely cool whilst wearing it.

My lovely boyfriend reunited me with my fragrance love, with this huuuge bottle of Modern Muse! I certainly won’t be running out of this beauty any time soon! Matt absolutely showered me with beautiful gifts and love this holiday season, and I am feeling like a very lucky lady.

Also from my lovely boyfriend; Pusheen tupperwares! These are part of a set of four adorable wee tubs, but two are permanently on rotation in my packed lunches now, so were unavailable for this wee photoshoot! I love anything with Pusheen on, as anyone who knows me may have gathered. I have Pusheen pyjamas, a calendar and plush (also from Matt!), a mug, wrapping paper, you name it!

My parents also got me a gorgeous set of Clinique skincare products, helping me fulfil my resolution to take better care of my skin and overall health. The products pictured are only a small selection from the ten or so I received within the beautiful pink package.

I’m also resolving to become a bit of a domestic goddess, improving my cooking skills and learning the art of making gorgeous cocktails. So Matt’s family also seemingly read my mind in picking out Gordon’s pink gin for me this Christmas! I adore a wee bit of gin and gin cocktails are my absolute favourites! I’ve got my eye on a few pretty cocktail shakers and am ready to get stuck in.


Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write me a card, or even buy me a gift this Christmas; I am so grateful for your generosity.

Hope that all my lovely readers had a fabulous holiday season and are all fired up to smash their goals in 2018!


Aileen x